Before, depressed with an eating disorder.  Now, recovered caveman.

Re-blogging this cuz its from a guys perceptive!

I love seeing people all recovered and happy like yeah you kicked that illnesses ass you legend you rule ☺️


I was not expecting that!

I don’t think anyone was expecting that!
Anonymous: Not what I mean. I mean don't worry about getting a girl, or making anything beautiful. I know you, and there's something beautiful you can do. Just always keep your head up, you're strong, I know you can get through this. I'm gonna go fuck off now, adios.

do you really know me? because then youd hate me

Anonymous: Well yeah, but that's not important. Just don't stress over anything too much right now, you're still young.

Because im “young” i shouldnt be stressing? kingly fuck off.

Anonymous: Don't hate yourself so much, I'm sure you have something to live for

obviously you  know me

<---DONT REMOVE---->